Phantom's Past

Battle of Rwendia

session 5

- The team arrived at the city only to find that it was under attack. Quickly they charged to the east gate where they found Commander Shannon Urugoth and a company of guard attempting to reach and close the gate.
- While the team battled against the men on one side Shannon and her men were able to reach the gate and secure it.
- Duello and most of the others made it inside the city before Duello ordered the chain cut, believing the enemy reinforcements to be closing to quickly.
- Theo was still outside but managed to glide under the gate, though his wing was damaged in the process.

- In the relative calm Shannon quickly explains the situation to the team. Vicnan Arroway, with support from the Red Dragons, launched his uprising just after the King announced the team as hero’s.
- Now Captain Gellentara was desperately leading his men, and loyalists, to the front gate while Shannon attempted to take the east gate. Lt. Commander Nyada, who the team hadn’t met yet, was leading a force to retake the harbor and assist the legendary Admiral Fultor. The rest of the forces were stationed to defend the castle or scattered throughout the city, separated when the attack began.
- As Shannon explains she is interrupted by a report that the waterway gate, a damn like canal system that allows boats to pass through the river running through the center of Rwendia, was overtaken by a company of Elves and Goblins.
- Shannon runs off to rally a defense at the castle since all the other officers are either dead or busy, leaving her men at the gate.

- The team decides that the first thing on their priority list is to check on the markets. Many have friends and mentors there and, being the upper class part of the city, it is most likely under brutal attack.
- Arriving at the markets they, sadly, find that their assumptions were true. RFM troops are scattered throughout the street battling shop owners and what was left of the 10 or so Guard stationed there.
- Leon Flash and Iannon Raftery seem to be leading the battle but, after intense fighting, both are defeated by Loradove and Duello (respectively).
- The rest of the team overpowered the RFM rebels and Theo healed old Eileris Seaskipper, who left thanking him. (no way that’s helpful later)

- In the aftermath the team debates over whether to go to the guild or up the street to the battle at the harbor. Duello and Garen admittedly argue that the guild is a priority and insist that, while it may survive as a whole, they could lose many friends in the process.
- Zeref and Theo argued that the guild knows how to handle itself and is filled with many capable warriors including Zanfire, Lurksur, and even Mareak and his crew. As the so called “hero’s or Rwendia” they had a responsibility to everyone in the city. They needed to secure the harbor because, if left unattended, it could easily spill back into the markets they worked hard to secure.
- Elsan remained relatively neutral. Ceding both sides and recognizing that every battlefield had capable fighters on it, instead he argued that the best course of action would be to reinforce Shannon and Wendy at the castle.

- In the end the team decided to go secure the docks before deciding on a next course of action. – Upon arrival they find it in a deadlock. RFM forces secured the center of the dock blocking passage to the ships for the sailors who were trapped in a nearby building. However, the RFM couldn’t go about scuttling the ships because Nyada’s men were poised to attack at any moment.
- The team, seeing this, decide to climb over a barricade of barrels on the left side of the battle in order to attack the RFM’s flank.
- As they do so Nyada rallies his men and charges the enemy.
- While successful for the most part the Duello managed to roll his ankle in the climb and was carried by Elsan to the front lines.
- Zeref battled a giant of a man in the meantime. Defeating him with barrels.
- The enemy routed and the battle one the team now has more decisions to make. Nyada has a force of some 40 men at this point but most likely has orders already. And battles still rage across the city



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