Phantom's Past

Fight or Flight

session 4

Duello and friends had made their way through the Mt. Satendama mine.
The group fought their way through and, upon entering the lower portions, discovered the traitorous Dwarf Kagoch and his personal guard attempting to enter an ancient tomb.
After a fierce battle which ended with the deaths of Kagoch and his team the party worked on solving the puzzle of the door.
Inside they found the ancient remains of Fruhand Dragonsbane, the dwarven warrior of legend who supposedly fought alongside the Gods against the Primordial Titans at the beginning of time.
Around his neck was an amulet, a blue gem glowing with a harsh light. Similar to the black amulet Duello and Zeref had encountered on a failed mission.
Zeref took possession of the amulet while Theo took Fruhand’s thunder blade.
As the group left the older tunnels they stumble across an Eladrin battling a human warrior, though the Eladrin kills the man the team was forced to destroy him. Duello took the mages fire staff and fire woven robes.
Entering the throne room the party came across Illyria Rerida, Belegar Croogy, and the small halfling Eruk Yasura attempting to gain entrance to the bed chamber of Dain Knirinvar.
Hatching a plan Duello, with his newly acquired uniform, enters the room with Zeref in an attempt to fool the warriors there into believing Kagoch needs help.
In this moment all hell broke loose. Belegar, panicked, betrays Illyria who responds…negatively, the goblins revel in the bloodshed, and the team is caught in the middle, literally.
Illyria and her forces emerge relatively unscathed, the party does the same, Belegar and his men are less lucky. Duello and Zeref manage to convince Illyria to leave them be while she hunts for the amulet.
After Illyria leaves Everyone except Zeref decide to check Dain Knirinvar’s quarters. Zeref, unsettled by Illyria’s glances, decided to wait outside.
the team finds the body of the Dain and takes the gold he was protecting, as well as his crown to prove his death.
Zeref meanwhile runs into a familiar face. A, supposed, bounty hunter in a large black trench coat, black hat, and black armor stands at the entrance of the mine.
the two have a confrontation where the man reveals he is simply a worker for the true mastermind, an old friend of Zeref’s… so to speak.
Zeref, naturally upset, blindly attacks the man. The man in black is more than a match for Zeref who, in a blind rage, goes full vamp… and still fails.
Duello arrives just then and fires his powerful chromatic orb at the man in black and accidentally hits Zeref with it. Elsan and the others arrive soon after and, with their help, are able to temporarily subdue the man in black.
they ride off in a carriage and, though followed, are able to derail their pursuers and make good on their escape.
Stopping in the cave for the night Zeref is no longer vamped out, thanks to Duello, but is unconscious. Theo has seen enough to know something isn’t right and aggressivly questions Duello. Before things escalate to violence Elsan, who had seen enough to know what Zeref is, enters the verbal jousting match and diffuses the situation.
Everything is put on hold for now, and Theo receives a vision of a Deva hiding the Amulet in the tomb of Fruhand.
As the group travels to Rwendia they see a horror before them. The town is ablaze, the sounds of battle echoing across the countryside.



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