Phantom's Past

Ghost Town

session 3

The party, now all a part of Phantom Storm guild, wakes up in the morning. They settle a few tabs and make their way through their mornings. Eventually Lt. Commander Shannon Urugoth of the Rwendia Royal guard arrives. She is a shifter woman who works as Captain Gellentara’s second in command. Shannon announces that the Princess wishes for a council with them and it would be unwise to refuse. Agreeing Duello and his friends go with Shannon to the castle.
While walking through the city they get to know Shannon a little better. She seems to be a no nonsense soldier type with a hidden layer of playfulness. As they march they see people in small gatherings, hushed whispers, something is wrong. Just then Dav marches out of his shop and approaches Shannon and the party, fearing the worst. Dav, misunderstanding the presence of Shannon, attempts to intervene until Zeref assuages his doubts. The party continued on.
The castle sits on the edge of a river. It’s ancient ramparts and towers make it a beautiful sight. Eventually they reach the Princess’s study where they find Wendy and Norion waiting for them. They also met Gilli and Hallkel, Wendy’s new personal guard.
Wendy and Norion, in an odd tandem, quickly explain the situation. The town got word of Wendy’s abduction and Vicnan Arroway, leader of the rebel faction in the city, is attempting to use it to show the weakness of the crown. Norion believes that they should simply deny the accusations of her kidnapping in the hopes that will assuage the people’s doubts. Wendy has another plan: She wants to announce it and proclaim the party as Hero’s of Rwendia and protectors of the city. This, she believes, will give the crown enough backing and support to prevent further uprising. After much deliberation the group eventually decides to adopt the Princess’s plan and announces team Duello as the Hero’s of Rwendia.
With that out of the way the Norion then lays out another problem that has arisen in a nearby mining town. The two explain that Mt. Satendama lies a day’s journey away from Rwendia and is home to a settlement of dwarves and (mostly) human workers. It is directly controlled by Dain Knirinvar and supplies the Kingdom of Irona with most of there Iron for weapons building. Recently it stopped sending messages and, when a scouting party was sent, they reported that the mine was attacked and lost. Norion and Wendy want the party to go and reclaim the mine. the party agrees, for a variety of reasons, but some suspect that something deeper is at work than a simple rebellion. With that the Queen offers them her own reward for saving her and Lt. Cmdr Shannon leads the team to the East Gate and supplies them with a carriage.
On the road the party discusses there previous travels, a little about themselves, and joke about Zeref’s love life. They encounter some animals and a trio of (quite terrible) bandits. before finally arriving at the Mt. Satendama mining village, home to the non-dwarven workers for the mine.
It’s a Ghost town. While death is not immediately evident there are no people outside, good or evil. Duello, Elsan, and Zeref decide to move into town on their own while Garen and Theo stay with the cart in case they are ambushed. They discovered 3 bodies in the middle of the town square before finally reaching the constables office at the end of the road. Five men are waiting there and a conflict immediately erupts. They men wish for the trio to leave and eventually threaten a young elven girl’s life to force them off. Not wanting harm to befall her Zeref manages to convince the enraged Duello and Elsan to leave for now so they can regroup and make a plan. the moment the three leave the leader of the men dispatches one of his to go get some reinforcements.
The team meets up and begins asking around town. They find a barkeep, Xankas, who’s to afraid to fight but fills them in on the events that took place, with some persuasion. He explains that an elven woman marched through town with a horde of goblins, elves, and men. While the elves and goblins marched to the mine the men stayed behind and rounded up all the non humans. The Constable and his son attempted to resist and were promptly murdered along with another local man. Now all the non-humans are locked in the constables office with the five men left to guard the town. The group leaves to continue questioning townspeople, but Duello has one last word for Xankas- he calls the man a coward for not defending his town.
In the next shop they meet two men. The shop owner, Leorin, and a vagabond customer in an all black trench coat, hat, and black armor with gold embroidery. Leorin offers the use of the goods in his shop if they would help, the man in black simply states he’s passing through but wishes them the best in their attempts.
Now fully prepared the party again splits up. Elsan and Theo are to draw out the men while Garen sneaks Duello and Zeref in the back. The plan goes off without a hitch, well except that Elsan and Theo find themselves caught between the men who are now outside and the man who came back with reinforcements. Luckily Duello marches through the building behind their leader and fights him. Zeref runs back around the side. Garen works on freeing the hostages.
All are successful. Duello through the leader, not yet dead, to an angry mob of citizens who were being led by the newly emboldened Xankas. And the old dwarf who was locked in the cell tells the party of a secret path the workers used to get to the mine. The party, after a little debate, decide to take it to try and sneak up to the mine.



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