Phantom's Past

Red Dragon's vs. Phantom Storm

Pretty straight forward to be honest. Thorn Riker reveals he betrayed the princess and his now holding her over his shoulder and fighting with his other hand. Horill arrived with Iannon and a crew of Red Dragon’s and is assaulting the group. Luckily Captain Gellentara, suspecting treachery, enlisted the aid of a passing Paladin- Esthamir.
The battle progresses. Duello rescues the princess with the help of Elsan and the Captain. the everyone assaults Horill while Theo attempted to defeat Iannon.
Zeref beheaded Horill
Then the crew turned on Iannon
Iannon, fearing death, blasted Theo with lightning (nearly killing him) and flees in a firestorm.
Wendy thanks the group, Norion pays them, and they leave with the knowledge that the team would be willing to help in the future.



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