Phantom's Past


session 6

The team has successfully aided Lt. Commander Raka Nyada and Admiral Fultor in routing the RFM and Red Dragon contingent that was attempting to scuttle the Ironan navy. Now Admiral Fultor can move his ships and sailors safely out of the harbor and assist from there while Lt. Cmdr Nyada can take his forces and clean out the rest of the city, securing the market and supporting the defense of the main gate. He even offers to swing in to check on the Phantom Storm Guild as there are rumors one of the Flash brothers took a contingent to attack it. Admiral Fultor himself offers his gratitude and any aid he can in the party;s future endeavors… a powerful friend to have made.

- With that the team makes their way to the castle. Reports are circulating that it is under heavy attack and the emptiness and destruction of the city as they get closer suggest those reports are accurate. At one point the group finds a burning building with a small child trapped inside.
- They decide to save her and immediately send Garen in. Elsan throws him through the top window then lifts the crossbeam blocking the doorway enough for Zeref to slip inside.
- Garen is able to make his way to where the little girl is hiding and begins coaxing her out.
- Zeref dodges fires and debris, passing underneath the girls room and into the Kitchen, where he finds a boiler stove about to explode.
- The floor caves under the little girl but Garen is able to make a sliding dive and hold onto the crumbling floor. Though Zeref had left the room Elsan, with Theo’s help, managed to lift the beam high enough for Duello to enter. Luckily he was directly beneath Garen and Clary, as she introduced herself, when they began to fall.
- Duello attempted to catch them and, though he protected the girl, lost Garen into the fire.
- Elsan now entered the room, leaving Theo to hold up the beam, and grabbed the little girl while Duello tried to put Garen out. Just then Zeref came sprinting by, grabbed Garen, and shouted that a hasty exit would be preferred. Duello obliged.
- Elsan and Zeref tackled there way through the beam, collapsing the foyer and trapping Duello inside. Luckily Theo acted quickly and used his newly acquired thunder sword to bash the rubble away, saving Duello.

- Now the team was forced to once again split up. Clary, the 12 year old half-elf girl, had lost both her parents and (worse yet) didn’t really know that yet. So Duello and Elsan attempted to confront her (Duello gave her a feather off his hat for her hair). Zeref insisted that someone take her to Dav’s shop where civilians were beginning to gather. Duello volunteered.
- Zeref, Elsan, Theo, and Garen went on to the castle and discovered it in turmoil. A boat approached via the waterway gate and apparently unloaded goblins and other reinforcements. The team recognizes the now familiar white and gold designed outfits of some. Meanwhile RFM and Red Dragon troops, with these new reinforcements, have managed to break through to the courtyard of the castle. A battle between the rebel combine and the guard now rages.
- The team has no choice but to fight there way through the fray to reach the castle gates.
- Elsan and Zeref lead the charge, destroying goblin and other warriors alike. Theo, not accustomed to close quarters fighting has a harder time but managed to get through unscathed.
- Garen decides to wait for a better opening to clear before using his superior speed and agility to swing through, for now aiding his allies with precision crossbow strikes.
- On the other side Elsan and Zeref, who arrived first, find Shannon facing down a massive troll.
- A space has cleared around it, for a multitude of reasons, and it stands between the party and the gate.
- Upon seeing Zeref, Shannon inquires about Duello then quickly announces Vicnan managed to enter the castle his vanguard.
- Zeref rushes past Shannon and quickly takes down the troll in an impressive display. With that Shannon tells them to save the royal family, she needs to stay here to keep command of her troops. The party (minus Duello) agrees.

- Duello has meanwhile shared a bit with Clary, comforted her, and successfully delivered her to Dav and Loradove. By the time the rest of the team enters the castle he is arriving at the battle in the courtyard.

- Meanwhile, in the main hall, the rest of the team have run into a problem.
- Standing before them are the five members of Theam Rationem- a team of warriors working for whoever is running the white and gold organization.
1.) Alasgil Crick: The boisterous leader of the enemy with an icy grip
2.) Clandus Holf: the Chauvinistic Dragonborn with strength of a giant
3.) Audre Crick: The hot-tempered woman, quick and sharp
4.) Reeric Nais: the forever bored Hexer wielding and enchanted Scythe
5.) Cassus Brown: the sarcastic knife wielder with a peculiar power

- 4 vs. 5 Alasgil announces that they can not pass. The bodies of the Honor guard strewn about the room. The battle begins.
- It is a ong and strenuous battle.
- Elsan and Theo take turns attempting to fight Audre and Clandus who move like a well oiled machine. Clandus revealing to the present party that Elsan is actually a woman.
- Meanwhile Zeref goes toe to toe with Alasgil until Elsan manages to trap him in veins.
- Garen and Cassus battle though Cassus seems to be on the losing end quickly resorting to his more pwoerful moves. Garen’s quickness and own skills overpower him.
- Reeric moves slowly about the room attempting to hex any of his enemies, but not having much luck.

- Then Duello manages to undo the spell Reeric placed on the door and enters the battle, though Reeric quickly sealed it again. For a moment the fighting stops as Duello calmly marches over towards Alasgil and Zeref (ignoring an enraged Audre) and has a quick introduction with Theam Rationem’s leader. Then, the battle is renewed.

- Zeref continues to fight the now free Alasgil while Duello attempts to fend of the combined attacks of Audre and Reeric.
- Elsan now finds herself in a one on one battle with Clandus- both are equally skilled combatants.
- Garen has Cassus nearly beaten, the elf now attempting to create as much distance as possible.
Theo, now not under direct attack s able to use his lance of faith to blast at various opponents on the battlefield. As well as heal his allies whenever he can.

- Eventually Theam Rationem’s members are pushed to the edge of their ropes.
- Audre attempted to gain the high ground by jumping on a chandelier and attacking from above. Many attempts to dislodge her failed until Theo used his wings to reach her. He then blasted her off the chandelier and out the broad window.
- The Chandelier fell nearly crushing many people. Reeric appeared to be crushed but it is reveled later that he managed to open a small portal just before impact and escape.
- Zeref backed Alasgil against the wall and defeated him. Though Zeref left him alive he did scar him badly
- Garen and Duello finished off Cassus
- Elsan Managed to score a fatal hit on Clandus, dropping the dragonborn to the ground-dead
After his miraculous attack against Audre the massive amount of access to religious energy allowed unlocked several memories form Theo’s past life. Though painful he remembered some things.

- The team, battered but still moving, now reaches the top of the stairs where a barely living Honor Guard informs them that the King ordered them to protect Wendy, his only child and heir. She escaped the battle to the north tower but a man is now after her. He is powerful.
the team decides to follow the kings, apparent, wishes and go rescue Wendy from this lone warrior. Relying on their own strength to beat him.

- At the base of the tower they discover Gilli and Hallkel. Both injured and possibly dead. Gilli gives Duello, the only one who knows what it is (Elsan couldn’t remember), a potion of life. A potion so powerful it can bring the recently deceased back to life. They then ran up the tower

- There they found Belial. An apparently fearsome warrior despite his blindness. He had backed Wendy into a corner and then spoke to the players.
- Through the conversation the party discovered that Belial somehow knew Theo and murdered his wife. He also was cursed by the God’s with his blindness.
- He intends on destroying the God’s and instituting a new world order under his rule.
- He is partnered with Uria in this endeavor
- They are looking for a specific set of crystals- Belial found one in the princesses tiara and now has it.
- For some reason Uria and Belial need the crystals and Zeref in order to complete their plan.
- Belial seemed to be entreating Zeref with promises of a new and peaceful world, one Zeref always wanted.
- They also learned that Belial is very powerful.
- Wendy attempted to stop Belial before he fled and was promptly stabbed in the gut. Though Theo healed her up well enough afterwords.
- When Belial made his escape it was revealed that his silver cape were actually wings and Belial must actually be an Angel of some sort.
- Duello confronted Zeref Briefly while Elsan picked up Wendy. The team then prepares to leave the tower.

to be continued…



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