Phantom's Past

Welcome to Rwendia

session 1

Duello sits in the Phantom-storm guild hall building a tab with the bartender, Lurksur at the bar. Lurksur, the tall and well bit elven woman, is becoming increasingly annoyed with the lack of payment. Duello admonishes that he has no money as yet another job went south for him and Zeref, who is now at the local healer. Mareak, the guilds number one fighter, suggests (rather scathingly) forming a team with the Gnome Garen. Garen, usually a loner, has been having a hard time with jobs as well.
At this point Zeref returned from the healer. Though worn out he has made a speedy recovery. Once again teased by Mareak and his team Duello and Zeref decide to team up with Garen. Mareak, seemingly surprised, leaves them for another job to fight a dragon.
At this point the daughter of the local blacksmith, Elizabeth, brings in Theoropho. Theoropho is a Deva with memory problems and Elizabeth assumed Duello and Zeref could help. It is clear to almost everyone that Elizabeth has a crush on Zeref and he on her, though nothing comes of it just yet.
The now four “man” team approaches the guild master in order to request yet another loan from the guild for basic weapons and supplies. Zanfire, a powerful but aged dwarf, gives them this last shot (just like every shot before that one) and even accepts Theo into the guild. With that the team leaves for the market to purchase weapons, armor, and basic supplies.
At the market we are introduced to Dav, the blacksmith, who’s taken a liking to Zeref as well as Dav’s two children: Elizabeth (who we’ve met) and Ian, a shy 16 year old enchanter. In the Mage store Loradove, a sudo-mentor to Duello, Sells him a mage staff at an incredibly cheap rate and even gives him a free vitality potion. With that handled the group moves to the end of the street to Seaskipper Supplies owned by Elben and Eileris Seaskipper.
At the shop the group meets the dragonborn woman Elsan who is a traveling warden. Awkwardly, the group approaches her (they think she is a guy though) about perhaps joining the new team. After prompting, Elsan agrees and now the team is born.
As the group enters the street five men exit. Alex Jackson, the man who hired Duello and Zeref on their last job plans on exacting vengeance on them. A battle soon breaks out, watched by a man in a dark cloak.
The man turns out to be Norion Gellentara in disguise, the captain of the Guard in Rwendia is searching for the kidnapped princess- Wendy Pegason. He needs help and will pay and the team seems capable. She needs to be found quickly and quietly before word reaches the city. The group accepts and begins searching.
After a while, and a hostile interaction with a local crime lord Gnome, the group decides Wendy is most likely being held inside a rival guild- The Red Dragons. Currently most of the main fighters of the guild are gone except Horril Redon and Iannon Raftery. The group decides to split up. Duello, Theo, and Elsan will cause a distraction out front while Garen, supported by Zeref, will sneak into the back.
Duello and Elsan fake a fight and Garen successfully discovers the princess inside the guild, beaten and unconscious. Realizes he couldn’t possibly move her Garen flees and retrieves the rest of the group. Despite Duello’s protests the team decides to follow Captain Gellentra’s request to speak to him before making a definitive move. He sets up a plan. They get her out, meet him at the halfway point then Gellentara and his guard will escort her back tot he castle.
Once again Duello, Theo, and Elsan attempt a distraction while Garen and Zeref sneak in back to get the princess. Duello challenges Horril Redon to a fight and, with the surreptitious help of Elsan and Theo, is able to defeat him in combat. Horril, in a rage, marches back to his office… where the princess is kept.
Garen, Zeref, and the Semi-Conscious princess are now trapped inside. Thankfully Horril has his head down in rage and the two are able to escape. I say two because Garen was caught while sneaking out and is tossed into the main hall. Barely, Garen bluffs his way out and simply walks out the front door. With that the group marches to the meeting point, again under the protests of Duello, and meet Captain Gellentara. Horril and his team meet them there because Thorn Riker, one of the Guard, betrayed them.

to be continued…



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