Belevar Croogy

Status: Deceased, Member of the RFM


A large man who wields an axe. Belevar wears common clothing under Even armor. The armor is not built for someone of his size and clearly doesn’t fit right. Pieces were removed so that he could move properly.

Belevar used to be miller on the outskirts of Rwendia. His business was eventually run out by lack of wood cutting since the loss of the Ironian forests to the Continuum. Out of bitterness and patriotism he sided with the, then fledgling, RFM founded by Vicnon Arroway.

Belevar conducted a plan to invade the Sentendama mines along with Ilyria’s men and a hordeo f goblins. He eventually attempted to betray Ilyria and was killed in the process. Ilyria cut him lengthwise in half.

Belevar Croogy

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