Davtumal "Dav" Chandler

A large and noble blacksmith. Owner of Dav's Smithy.


Dav can use nearly any weapon effectively but he prefers to use a short sword with a round shield.


Dav grew up in one of the outlying villages. His father was a poor blacksmith with little business in a peaceful village. Nevertheless the family got by doing odd jobs like fixing horseshoes and a plow now and again. Unfortunately, Dav’s father was actually very good, when he fixed something it tended to stay fixed. This made him reliable but eventually killed business.

Dav inherited his smithing tools at 19 when his father died of sickness (essentially pneumonia) and they couldn’t afford a healer. Not wanting his children to live the same life as him he moved to the “big city”, the capital of Irona- Rwendia.

It took time and effort. He sunk everything he had into a small smithy on the edge of town. His skill was prominent and he soon gained a large cliental. At around this time the war between the Ironan’s and the Continuum broke out. The sudden increase in arms sales, combined with his reputation, caused his business to boom. He was able to build a better smithy in the market district near the docks, a much nicer area of town, and met his dear wife Analice. They were both 25.

Analice was an artist and, as such, did not participate in the war. Dav and Analice were wed a year after they met and soon had their first child, Elizabeth. Dav doted on his young daughter and wife, as the war came to a close Analice found herself once again expecting.

9 months later tragedy struck. Analice gave birth to Ian, but she was quite sick at the time and the strain was to much for her. The healers did all they could, but Analice did not survive. Her young son was named Ian, after Analice’s father.

Now he does his best to keep going. Dav is, quite honestly, a fairly happy man. Though he misses his wife terribly his two children are quite enough for him. His devotion to the two is remarkable and, with Elizabeth now 19 and Dav getting older, he is hoping to find her someone to marry. Dav intends on leaving the business to Ian and has taught him all he knows and even paid for Loradove to teach him to control his magical abilities.

Elizabeth reminds him of his dear wife as she looks almost exactly like her. He has a soft spot for the adventurous Duello and Zeref despite their propensity for dangerous situations. Especially Zeref who seems to actually have a head on his shoulders.

So far the party has seen Dav on a number of occasions. He sold most of them their current weapons and armor delighting over Zeref and Duello’s new teammates. Later, he interrupted Commander Shannon Urugoth as she escorted the party to the castle, believing they were under arrest.

Dav participated in the battle for Rwendia fighting off a number of RFM troops including Daley Ekwood, a former business rival. Dav was wielding nothing but a shield and a sword still hot from the fire.

After the market was clear Dav and Loradove decided to bunker all the survivors in Dav’s smithy because of his vaulted back room. Zeref suggested him as caretaker for the orphan girl Clary and he is currently in possession of her.

Davtumal "Dav" Chandler

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