Elizabeth Chandler

A shy girl with an artistic flair. She helps Dav and Ian come up with the designs on their more "artistic" pieces.


19 years old, 5’2". Elizabeth has dark black hair and a cute face (honestly, whatever you imagine as cute). Her hair is smooth and flows down just below her shoulders blades. She has fair white skin and is typically found wearing a bright green dress. Around her neck is a necklace given to her by her mother.

Elizabeth’s story is a simple one. She was born to Davtumal and Analice Chandler. Both of the parents treated her well. Dav tended to spoil his daughter while Analice kept her humble. The family was a good one.

She seemed to have inherited her mother’s artistic flair even at a young age. She often works in the weapons shop adding to designs to inlays in the blades or poles.

Elizabeth tends to not speak very much and, though appearing shy, is actually quite confident with herself. Zeref tends to be the only person she can’t handle herself around. In fact, strangers, such as Theo, are quite easy to speak with.

Elizabeth tends to be protective of her brother, Ian.

She was the first person in Rwendia who tried to talk to Theoropho, “Theo” and promptly took him to her good friends Zeref and Duello in the Phantom Storm guild.

Later she was seen in Dav’s Smithy working the front counter. She promptly dropped a pot she was moving onto the ground when Zeref entered the building.

Elizabeth Chandler

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