Wendy's personal guard


Gilli is a hotheaded 16 year old girl. She has short, mossy brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is almost exclusively wearing her guard armor and carries a short sword at her side.

Gilli probably shouldn’t be in the guard because of her age. however, Wendy and Gilli are surprisingly close. In fact, Wendy looks at the girl as almost a little sister.

Gilli was seen outside the princess’s study when the party met with Wendy and Captain Gellentara to discuss the Mt. Satendama incident.

She was later found at the base of the North tower, bleeding and badly wounded. She was protecting PRincess Wendy alongside Hallkel but could not beat Belial. She gave the party a Potion of Life in case the princess had been killed. The party then left her at the base of the stairs.

Gilli’s fate is currently unknown


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