"The Man in Black"


His tanned skin shows much wear, but his eyes have a playful look, one that would get him branded a trouble maker. He has leather armor, black, and though you can’t see much there appears to be some gold embroidery on it. Over top is a blue cloak, like a duster, the bottoms of which are covered in grime and dirt. He carries what appears to be a Bastard sword strapped on his back. Harvan is approximately 6’0" tall.

Harvan was first seen by the party in Leorin’s shop buying some traveling supplies. When questioned he proclaimed himself a traveling mercenary who just happened to be passing through and wished the party luck on their ventures.

Later, Zeref Tenebris found him waiting outside the Mt. Satendama mine. He had slain the surviving dwarves and was operating as the last line ;incase someone managed to get past Ilyria.

He accosted Zeref witha sort of lighthearted smugness, hinting that something much more sinister was actually going on. Zeref lost control, but Harvan was more than a match for him. When Duello showed up and launched his chromatic orb Harvan simply used Zeref as a meat shield to protect himself.

Only the combined efforts of Elsan, Garen, and Theo were able to restrain Harvan and even then the effects were only temporary. The party was forced to flee.

The last the party saw of Harvan he was chasing them on a black stallion horse. It had jumped the wreckage of Ilyria’s carriage and was careening toward them. They only escaped because Theo managed to hit Harvan’s steed with a fear spell sending Harvan into a nearby tree.


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