Horril Redon

Status: Deceased, high ranking member of Red Dragon Guild


5’7”, 163lbs. Jet black hair, black eyes. Horril wears black plate armor with a black cape.

He’s a brutal and aggressive man but not altogether high up in the chain of command. He takes this out on those beneath him using his strength to instill fear. Overall he enjoys battle and hates to lose often beating himself up mentally after a failure.

He was the man who helped organize the abduction of the PRincess along with Vicnan Arroway and Thron Riker.

He battled Duello in a “one-on-one” duel surrounded by his men. Duello managed to defeat the man and Horill retreated inside in anger and disgrace. Afterwords, Zeref managed to sneak the princess directly past him while Garen, not so lucky, was caught.

Garen fooled Horril into letting him leave.

Later Horril, Iannon Raftery, Thorn Riker, and several other Red Dragons attempted to stop them from escaping. During the battle Zeref Tenebris, Elsan, and Duello Mcflame all teamed up to fight him. While Elsan had the man pinned Zeref used a special technique to remove Horril’s head, killing him.

Horril Redon

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