Ilyria Rerida

Uria's second in command. An Eladrin with the power of her position


Ilyria is 6’1" and quite skinny. She carries herself tall and proud. Her icy blue eyes and dark black hair scan all around her with a cold distaste. She wears the standard robes of Uria’s order. She has a thin, crystalline blade at her side and a quiver of arrows on her back.

Ilyria is never found without her halfling companion, Eruk.

The party has yet to learn more about Ilyria’s past

Ilyria was first seen in the Mt. Satendama arc. She lead the attack that took over the mine and was searching for the gemstone Zeref currently has. Belevar Croogy intended to betray Ilyria and her companions but, with interference formt he party, Ilyria killed the traitor. Duello was able to convince Ilyria that the stone was still in the tomb and she left.

Ilyria was last seen storming out of the mine enraged at having been fooled. She borded the carriage that chased after the party with her halfling companion and remaining elves. This same carriage was then wrecked by the party and crashed.

Ilyria Rerida

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