Jason Fultor

Admiral Jason Fultor of the Ironan navy


Fultor is a surprisingly older man. He’s got a brown beard with matching hair, though both are tinged with snow white hair, as if he was skipping the middle process to going gray. His skin is weathered, the tan as well. He looks 6’2 and carries himself with a haughty air. He wears the official colors of the Rwendia navy, sailors clothes and a bright blue coat with a red coat of arms on top. The metal pined to his lapel indicates his rank as an admiral.

- He wields a cutlass and a hand crossbow cinched at his waist

Jason is a sailor through and through. He’s made it to the ripe old age of 65 and has seen his fair share of life’s troubles. Life at sea has made Jason act less and less like a noble and more like a sailor, because at se “there’s no time to be dawdling on the niceties”.

Admiral Fultor took command of the Ironan navy at the age of 37 at the height of the Continuum war. He led the undersized, underpowered navy in at least three major victories including the battle for Rwendia harbor. IT was because of this last battle that the leadership of the COntinuum was willing to sit down to peace talks.

Historians would one day argue that Admiral Fultor’s daring strategies saved Irona from completely falling to the Continuum.

The party fist met Admiral Fultor during the Battle of Rwendia in the port skirmish. He led his sailors into the RFM’s right flank and helped break the enemies lines. Later he approached the party and thanked them for their assistance, offering his support should they need it in the future. He then boarded his flagship, The Albatross, and led his fleet out to sea.

Jason Fultor

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