Status: Deceased, traitorous Dwarf


Kagoch was contacted by Harvan sometime before the events at Mt. Santendama. they created a deal surrounding the tomb of Fruian Dragonsbane. He would be paid immensely for the stone inside.

Kagoch agreed but then contacted Vicnon Arroway separately to create another deal. He wanted the stone and would help them do it. In return he would help them kill off the other non-humans in the mine. This would prevent Uria’s group from receiving the stone and give the RFM control of the mine.

Kagoch succeeded until the Hero’s of Irona arrived. In a pitched battle Kagoch went toe to toe with the Dragonborn Elsan until Garen surreptitiously climbed the dwarf’s back and stabbed in the weak point in his armor, the neck joint.

Kagoch died.


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