Loradove Magesblood

Owner of "God's and the Arcane"


Loradove is an Eladrin woman. As such she has pointy ears and a tall, regal posture. Her hiar, like most Eladrin, is blonde which she wears in a short bun. Wrinkles line her face and she has a set of half moon glasses. Loradove can most often be found wearing a flowing green and gold robe.

for the most part Loradove’s past is unknown to the players

The party has discovered that she is a skilled ice sorcerer capable of standing up to both [[:Leon Flash]] and Content Not Found: Iannon-Raftery at once.

She prefers a custom designed ice staff.

She once trained Leon Flash, the youngest of the Flash brothers.

She believes the weakest kind of magic is that which uses pure power. Only by channeling power through something else and uses creativity to do what you want with it can a magic user be truly powerful.

Loradove was first seen when the party went to buy adventuring supplies. She sold Duello his new staff at a reduced rate and even gave him a free potion of vitality.

She later participated in the Battle of Rwendia by fighting both Leon Flash and Iannon Raftery at once. Eventually, with the help of Duello, she was able to overcome Leon killed him. She then helped mop up the remianing fighters nearby with Dav and other loyalists before setting up a safe house in Dav’s Smithy.

Loradove Magesblood

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