Mareak Catslove

Top member of Phantom Storm Guild. Leader of Team Shadow Slayer


5’9”, 170lbs. He’s lean because of his half elf nature but muscular. He has silvery white hair, short and spiky. He wears cloth armor, dark blue, and keeps a crossbow slung over his back. He wields dual scimitars. Mareak is 32 years old.

Mareak comes from a noble background. His father was a colonel in the Ironian military and they enjoyed a degree of prosperity. However military life did not sit well with him. Mareak became a lone adventurer, he was a founding member of the Guild he’s currently in and takes his 4 man team on adventurers. He’s personally slain 2 dragons and his adventures are widely know.

Mareak was first seen taunting Duello and Zeref for their recent failures and suggesting, mockingly, that they team up with Garen and Theo. He then left with his teammates for a job defeating a dragon that had been terrorizing a nearby town.

Mareak Catslove

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