Norion Gellentara

Captain of the Royal Guard in Irona, he is the highest ranking officer in the kingdom (prestige)


Norian is a man of average size. Somewhat regal in posture but well built. He’s a surprisingly young man for his position, he is 25. Blond, blue eyes, but a scar runs from just below his right eye down his neck. 6’0” tall, wearing polished red leather armor.

Norion joined the guard at the age of 17. His initial training to place in a barracks near Rwendia. One day he went on leave in the city, though he still carried his sword on him. By chance or fate the princess was holding a ball that day in a hall near the lake. As Norion passed a group of “freedom fighters”, the still fledgling RFM, attacked the ball. Norion immediately stepped in to help and found himself in the unlikely position of standing between the princess and three armed men. Norion defeated them and was almost immediately given a positon as a member of her honor guard.

Norion used his natural fighting skills and leadership abilities to rise through the ranks. Making his way through many arms the guard quickly Norion eventually became the youngest Captain of the Royal Guard in history. An unprecedented appointment, Norion quickly proved himself by snuffing out a large group of Orc Raiders on the Eastern border with a vastly underwhelmed force.

All throughout his short but lively career Norion had close contact with the princess. The two became quite clos and a romance blossomed. it was only upon receiving his current position did Norion become a legally eligible candidate as a husband. Though the prospect could be politically scandalous Norion Gellentara has proven himself as a great leader and commander.

(And yes, I’m aware the time frame between him joining and reaching that position is short. It’s supposed to be, that’s just how bad-ass this guy is. Think about it…)

Norion Gellentara

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