Raka Nyada

Lt. Commander Raka Nyada of the Royal Guard


Lt. Commander Raka Nyada is the third highest ranking military official in the Ironan military (despite the designation). He stands at about 5’4" and has a very stocky build. Surprisingly, Raka is a half-elf with the pointed ears of an elf and the build of a human. Raka has brown skin and bright blue eyes. He is usually found sporting his bulky battle armor with decorative red and blue cape.

Despite his stature, or perhaps because of it, Raka wields a large broadsword that he swings almost uncontrollably. He is not the most skilled fighter in single combat but has a remarkable perceptive ability for weaknesses in enemy formations and ranks.

The party first met Raka as he lead the defense of the Rwendia docks alongside Admiral Fultor. Raka spotted the party flanking the enemy positions and quickly organized his men to exploit the coming distraction.

The timing was perfect, his men smashed into the enemy lines right when Elsan and Duello smashed them from the side with brutal area attacks. The RFM lines broke and Commander Nyada was able to kill the leader of that particular RFM contingent.

Afterwords he urged the party to the castle and explained that he would be taking his remaining forces around the edge of the city to sweep any pockets of resistance away. He offered to look into the guild for them and immediately began issuing orders.

Before departing he gave the party a number of healing potions.

Raka Nyada

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