Shannon Urugoth

Commander of the Guard in Rwendia and Norion's second in command


Shannon is a 5’6 woman. She has a very lithe build. A black woman with curly black hair pulled back in a ponytail. She wears the blue armor with red cresting of the honor guard, but pieces are clearly missing- most notably on her arms and legs (probably to give her more maneuverability). Her eyes are green and have cat like slits.

She is currently Commander Shannon Urugoth of the royal guard and therefore one of the highest ranking members of the Ironan military.

you have yet to learn much of Shannon’s past

The party first met Shannon when she was sent to retrieve them for a meeting with Princess Wendy and Captain Gellentara. She led them through the city and palace to their personal chamber. Later, she personally escorted the party to the edge of the city while having a few tense moments with the protesting Duello.

She later participated in the Battle Of Rwendia by leading a contingent of soldiers to take back the east gate. With the help of the party she succeeded and then sped off to command the defense of the castle. At the castle Shannon killed many attackers and even began fighting a troll before Zeref arrived. She stayed behind to keep the Guard’s in order during the fighting.

Shannon Urugoth

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