Thorn Riker

Status: Deceased, Former Head of Wendy's personal guard


Thorn Riker was the head of the Wendy’s personal guard after Norion Gellentara was promoted. He worked tirelessly at her protection only to be surpassed by a man half his age. This and both Commande Shannon Urugoth and Lt. Commander Raka Nyada passing him as well. Both younger than him and neither fully human.

Thorn participated in the COntinuum war and as such grew to despise many of the other races around him. This racist ideology fit perfectly with the rising ideal of the Rwendia Freedom Militia, an human centric terrorist group themselves.

Eventually he contacted their leader Vicnan Arroway and offered the PRincess on a silver platter in an effort to destabilize a ruler he thought would led Irona to destruction. Along with the Red Dragon Guild they succeeded in kidnapping her.

He then participated in her rescue only to betray his men, murduring the young Sargeant Pict in the process.

He was killed by the combined efforts of Zeref Tenebris, Norion Gellentara, and Duello Mcflame. Though Duello achieved the fatal blow.

Thorn Riker

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