Wendy Pegason

Princess of Irona


Wendy is a brunette with brown eyes. she stands at about 5’4". Skinny, Caucasian. Her hair is short, reaching to just above her shoudlers. She is usually found wearing a knee length white silk dress.

She now keeps a bandage wrapped around her right leg. thoughtful players will note that was the same leg that was broken during her rescue_

Wendy grew up as Princess. As such she was taught proper decorum and social standing. However, like most princess’s Wendy finds herself bristling under all the rules of etiquette. As such she tends to be a bit more rambunctious and rash around people she thinks of as friends, or people she fully trusts.

She grew up during the war and watched as her mother succumbed to old age. Now she watches as her father does as well.

She has had many assassination attempts on her life. To the point where Norion insisted she be trained with a blade. As such she is quite skilled with a rapier.

Wendy and Norion appear to have a relationship at this point. To what extent, the party can only guess.

Wendy Pegason

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