Zanfire Wyrmsbane

Guild Master of Phantom Storm


Zanfire is a large dwarf. 4’4”, 250lbs. Zanfire has a grey beard going to his waistline and tied in two ponytails. The hair on his head is also grey and tied up in a sort of bun. He wears red fire resistant armor all the time and keeps a war hammer on his waste. he is showing signs of a beer gut.

Zanfire has killed 6 dragons in total. Three of them were full grown Wyrms. These were only the pinnacle of his adventures. But Zan has seen his share of horrors, burned villages, murdered children, and many friends falling in battle. He worked with the Young Half-elf Mareak and two others to found his Guild. Now he and Mareak are the only living founders.

Zanfire was first seen when Duello and Zeref took Theo in to ask for money and to ask if Theo may join the guild. He seemed to have some insight as to who Theo was but said nothing, simply allowing him to join. Zanfire then gave the new party some spare money for supplies so they could get back on their feet mentioning how much money they owed the guild by that point.

Later Zanfire was seen yet again in his office. He allowed Elsan and the Paladin Esthamir to join the guild.

Zanfire Wyrmsbane

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